About Us

We provide fast track testing and diagnostics services to the public, healthcare service providers and businesses. Mediflex is an approved testing facility by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) of the Maldives. The lab is set up with equipment from Germany and the USA. All our tests are validated by scientific officers trained from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States.

Mediflex Laboratory is geared to serve a broad range of customers, including patients and consumers, governmental agencies, physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals and health systems, local & expatriate workers for corporate customers, Insurance agencies and independent clinical laboratories.

A subsidiary of the leader in medical technologies in the maldives

Medtech is proud to have introduced the benefits of modern developments to the healthcare industry of the Maldives, thus changing the landscape of the healthcare service. Within a decade of service, Medtech today is the leader in providing world leading medical technologies in the country, playing a crucial role in ensuring the healthcare of Maldivians and visitors alike.

Today, medtech has strategic partnerships with leaders in all sectors of medical technologies development and manufacturing, with supply chains across the globe. Locally, the presence of Medtech is seen throughout the country from North to South, its involvement is visible in all the major developments in the health sector. Today, medtech is a leader in medical technologies, and a bridge to medical excellence in the Maldives.